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one word from ecclesiastes

I recently started the work for chamber choir – 12 voices: soprano, two mezzos, one countertenor, four tenors, two barytons, two basses – and electronics, for the project at ircam. I was thinking to begin with a formal fade-out. It’s the contrary, an accumulation indeed. Maybe the singers’ energies are fading out at the end of this section. All this part is based on cycles of respiration. I wrote when the singers must inhale and when the must exhale – or sing, but a bocca chiusa, closed mouth. The idea is to create a gradual overpressure of the air, which at the end  of the process provokes the opening of the singer’s mouth. Then the voice comes out, and the “E” of the word “hével” is heard. The following part has to be imagined, the form as well. But the previous accumulation and its effort will be already passed – or maybe not.

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