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2010 Solo instrument with electronics

Come frecce nella tua mano

for viola & live electronics

In Come Frecce nella Tua Mano the music is entirely build on the duration and the sound quality produced by a lengthwise bowing which starts from the left hand fingering position and moves on the fingerboard towards the bridge. The musical development of this gesture consists in a sort of voyage of…

2006 Orchestra


Embrayage has never been finished – currently, it is an opening, a trigger. There is something like fireworks at the beginning, followed by an accumulation of waves of glissandi by the celli. Then it comes to a final liquefaction. One can infer that there is something after, but it has not…

2008 String Quartet


In Hebrew, Hével means vanitas – according to the Vulgata. The translations of the Qohèlet Book I have translate this word by spreco (waste) (Erri de Luca, for Feltrinelli), fumo (smoke) (Ceronetti, for Einaudi), niente (nothing) (Ceronetti, for Adelphi, in 1970) and of course vanità (vanity) (CEI version, in 1974). The image that can be restored from the Hebrew is that of a…

2008 Ensemble


For mixed ensemble of recorders and Paëtzold flutes

Choral represents an attempt to disarticulate the choral by Bach Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod in its constituent elements, that is to say in the cadences that segment its form and in the use of groups of characteristic phonemes [t], [k], [s], that punctuate in a specific way its musical flow.

2008 Solo instrument


for double bass solo

Tau represents an attempt to consider the musical object as a union between the figure and the instrumental gesture that produces it. In this case, it is a study on the immobility of sound in relation with the immobility of the movement that generates it. Immobility is conceived as the absence of change in an object…